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The type of results I get...

Built an online brand from zero to $4 million in revenues in just 4 months for this Shopify eCom client

But we know revenue isn't everything, what about profitability?

This is Client #2 with crazy good ROAS on considerable 30-day Google Ads spend for their SaaS...

But you don't need high budgets or Google Ads to get great performance.

Client #3 did Facebook Ads and had lower spend. These are the only 2 campaigns in their Facebook account over 30 days.

Client #4 had ClickFunnels and used Tiktok, Revcontent, LinkedIn, and Taboola Ads

And This Client...

Client #5 that we got on CTV and OTT Ads that did $417,863 in revenue in just 1 month with a 7.27 ROAS

Still Not Convinced?

How about this client, that in 30 days we lowered the Ad spend and improved ALL other metrics! Verified via 3rd party -TripleWhale 

Start scaling your profit from paid ads today

Did you know paid Ads have a domino effect on your business?

Like growing your email channel...

Imagine having customers on tap and sending millions of emails each month to millions of people that paid Ads drove into your business.

This client could stop running Ads today and just send emails for months and still make consistent sales daily with no Ad costs!

Ads can also explode your branding efforts and brand name.

This client used paid Ads on a new B2B business and within 6 months went from 0 searches on their brand name, to over 800+ clicks per day for their name because of the exposure they got on non-branded paid Ads within Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and more.

And let's not forget what it can do for your social media presence...

Like the client that went from 1,700 TIkTok followers... to 716,000+ in just 12 months because paid Ads brought them eyeballs they would have otherwise never gotten.

See, once you let paid Ads explode your business, you can shut them off and just rely on your social media following, email database, and brand/word of mouth to continue running your business with no more Ad costs.

But don't take my word for it, listen to what other people who have worked with me have said in their own words.

I don't take on every client. If we can't work together, I will tell you upfront so neither of us waste our time and money.

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